Søren Ilsøe, Founder & Managing Director

2014-2016 SKAT, Danish Tax Administration - Business Intelligence/Analytics

2011-2014 DONG Energy A/S - Business Intelligence/IT Architecture

2008-2011 Nykredit A/S - Risk Management/Enterprise Market Data

2007-2008 Bank of Greenland A/S - Markets/Trading/Investment/FX/IPO/IR

2006-2006 Nationalbanken - MFI Project/Money/Banking

2001-2006 Ministry of Economy and Business Affairs - Statistics Denmark

2000-2001 Ministry of Environment and Energy - National Planning/GIS Analysis

1998-1999 Urban Development, Cape Town - South Africa

1997-1998 Real Estate Development, Brasília - Brazil

Certified in Leadership, Finance and IT

AVT/Harvard Business School, Dale Carnegie, Copenhagen Business School


Daily management and presentation is done by founder and managing director, Søren Ilsøe.

We offer more than 15 years experience in central administration, financial markets, banking, real estate, energy, investment, data management, business intelligence and IT. We deliver both new initiatives and insights to your business as well as being able to bring shipwrecked business models and projects on foot again.

Our team of experts all have a solid background in leadership, management, finance, marketing and technology.

Focus has been management and business area responsibilities, strategic development of enterprises, IT platforms and tools to secure the advance of enterprises - as well as building some of the largest business intelligence and analytics areas in Denmark.

We participate in depth on both IT and business side in order to provide the best solution for your company - to boost your business and renew your insight on where to make revenue and customers.